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Join Us NowStar Tracker – April 15Worthies All,
Below is the Texas Star Tracker through May 2. Attached files are Excel and PDF. Excel file is organized by District – PDF is organized as follows:
El Paso – Pages 1-2Fort Worth – Pages 3-6San Antonio – Pages 7-12Galveston-Houston – Pages 13-18Dallas – Pages 19-22Beaumont – Pages 23-24Tyler – Pages 25-26Austin – Pages 27-30Corpus Christi – Pages 31-34Victoria – Pages 35-36Amarillo – Pages 37-38Brownsville – Pages 39-42San Angelo – Pages 43-44Laredo – Pages 45-46Lubbock – Pages 47-48

Star_Tracker_TEXAS_05022023 (Excel)
Star_Tracker_TEXAS_05022023 (PDF)
If you have any questions about formats, column labels, etc, feel free to contact me or your committeeman. Get green all the way across is earn the Star Council and Lone Star Awards before June 30.
For Safe Environment compliance, we presently stand at 306 councils at 100% compliance. Our Circle of Honor goal is 295. Thanks for helping us hit that goal.
We also have hit out goal for Survey of Fraternal Activity Form 1728. However, if a council hasn’t submitted that form yet, please still do so as it is vitally important for the Order to have a thorough assessment of our charitable activities.
Columbian Award Form SP-7 is due to your DD, State Office and Supreme by June 1. They will check them for completeness. The drop dead date at Supreme in June 30. If you wait until the end of June to submit, you do so at your own peril. A mistake on a form submitted in the 11th hour cannot be fixed since June 30 is a hard cutoff.
Councils that have fulfilled the Star Council requirements – we’re up to 16!
El Paso Council 2592 (D7) El Paso DioceseLindsay 11905 (D21) Fort Worth DioceseSan Antonio 5262 (D38) San Antonio DioceseSan Antonio 17769 (D40) San Antonio DioceseHitchcock 10393 (D68) Gal-Houston DiocesePearland 8960 (D74) Gal-Houston DioceseHumble 6878 (D92) Gal-Houston DioceseGreenville 7438 (D110) Dallas DioceseFrisco 12480 (D111) Dallas DioceseNederland 5145 (D122) Beaumont DioceseAthens 10524 (D131) Tyler DioceseSulphur Springs 8975 (D132) Tyler DioceseEmory 16078 (D13)2 Tyler DioceseNacogdoches 7553 (D134) Tyler DioceseBastrop 14943 (D152) Austin DioceseLaredo 9626 (D233) Laredo Diocese
Also note that we have additional suspended councils as of April 10. All suspended councils are highlighted in red. If you have paid Supreme since that date, thank you. If not, please submit your Per Cap payment ASAP.
As always – questions? You know where I am. And I can also speak to you at the Convention this weekend. I’ll have all the electrons printed out.
Vivat Jesus!
Bill TillotsonCouncil Awards DirectorTexas State Terry FrugeState Deputy6633 E Highway 290, Suite 204Austin, TexasCall +1 512-442-1492Talk To Us     
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