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Join Us NowBlessed McGivney 1st Class RelicTEXAS Pilgrimage was a GREAT SUCCESS!Brothers All,Blessed McGivney was in front of over 10,000 pilgrims, traveled more than 1,000 miles of Texas country in five days. Five cities, three Dioceses, three Catholic Schools, and three KofC Halls were Blessed with McGivney, and his presence helped recruit at least 42 new Brother Knights! Thousands of prayer intentions were sent to New Haven, and right NOW they are being offered in prayer with by Father Jon at Blessed McGivney’s tomb!
So, what is next? Soon the story of the journey will be shared. I have heard many of the stories, and I can’t wait for Fr Jon Kalisch and General Agent Chris Stark to share all they encountered on this Pilgrimage! I am confident Blessed McGivney is interceding for us.
What can we do now?JOIN the Guild – Click here, takes 1 min and it is free!Report a FAVOR/Prayer to Guild – Click here!Join Fr Kalisch, GA Chris Stark, and me in a 9 Day Novena!Pray especially for the prayer intentions that are with Blessed McGivney!Report back on your personal experience of the Pilgrimage if you were able to attend one of the stops, email Chris Stark, and he can share them with Fr Kalisch in New Haven. Especially if your prayers were answered!
Father Jon and Chris wanted me to convey many thanks to all who made time in their schedule to journey to be with our Founder and to experience him firsthand! They also want to remind us that even though Blessed McGivney’s relics are now back in New Haven, he is still with us wherever we pray to him and give him a need to intercede for us. So, PRAY!
Special thanks go out to State Chaplain, Bishop Sis, Bishop Olson, and Bishop Coerver for letting the 1st Class Relic come to their Diocese! Thank you to all the pastors and priests of the parishes where we stopped: Fr. Flynn, Fr. Nguyen, Fr. Hatch, Fr. Angel, Fr. Jos and Fr. Ambrose! Thank you to all the other priests who celebrated with them (too many to count). Thank you to the many deacons and sisters who assisted too! Thank you to all parish staff that helped us in so many ways, from logistics to marketing. Thank you to the Catholic School leaders who let them stop and share McGivney with the children. Thank you to our State leadership team for traveling many miles to join the Relic on this pilgrimage. Thank you to the countless hours I know our Brother Knights at each local stop put in planning and preparing for Blessed McGivney to come into town. Thank you to the Knights on Bikes for escorting the Relic the entire trip! Thank you to the Odessa police dept for escorting the Relic into town and for getting the Relic safely to the children of St Mary Catholic School (the first Catholic school McGivney visited).
Especially THANK YOU to Father Jon Kalisch for saying yes to General Agent Chris Stark’s request to bring Blessed Michael McGivney’s first Class Relic to Texas for its first 1st Pilgrimage of its kind. I know many other Dioceses are going to want Blessed McGivney to visit them. By you sharing your experiences to show the impact it made, Supreme may initiate another Texas Pilgrimage or perhaps even a National Pilgrimage! By sharing Blessed McGivney’s story, the prayer cards, litany, novena, and prayers for his intersession, we are confident this will lead to his future Canonization!
In closing join me and Let’s Pray!
Let Christ Be Our Light!Terry FrugeTexas State Deputy
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