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March for Life
The Supreme Knight has urged every Knight to participate in the National March for Life in Washington, D.C., or a state march.
The Knights of Columbus Supreme Office is seeking volunteers for the March for Life in Washington D.C. on January 20, 2023, and its related activities. Volunteers will meet the morning of the March near the National Mall. All volunteers will receive a special item for participating. Any amount of time you can volunteer is welcome!
Click here to sign-up!
Visit kofc.org/march for the complete schedule of events and volunteer opportunities for the National March for Life in Washington, D.C., and a list of state marches.
January Webinar: Finishing the Fraternal Year Strong
Please join us for this month’s webinar entitled Finishing the Fraternal Year Strong. This webinar will be packed with useful information about how to make the second half of the fraternal year successful and rewarding for your councils and districts. We’ll cover some essential information, practical suggestions, and examples of brother Knights putting their Faith In Action.
Join us on Thursday, January 26th at 8:00pm EST. Register now for the live webinar or to watch it on demand at your convenience.
Register Now
Due Jan. 31: Annual Survey of Fraternal Activity (#1728)
Complete and submit the Annual Survey of Fraternal Activity (#1728) online by Jan. 31, 2023. Form #1728 can be completed digitally by grand knights and financial secretaries on Officers Online, or at KofC.Org/Forms. Watch the training video for best practices on data collection and how to easily complete the survey online.
New Chaplain Awards
Each council can nominate and submit their chaplain to their state council for consideration of the State Blessed Michael McGivney Award form (SBMMA).
Each state winner will be submitted to Supreme for consideration for the international award, the Blessed Michael McGivney Medal form (BMMM). The winner will be announced at the Supreme Convention.
Important Dates:State Blessed Michael McGivney Award form (Council Only) – Recommended Due March 31, 2023Blessed Michael McGivney Medal Award form (State Only) – Due April 30, 2023
Important Update:The due date for the State Council Service Program Award Winners (SPAW) form has been changed to April 30, 2023.
Mother Teresa: No Greater Love DVD and New Resources
Made to commemorate the 25th anniversary of Mother Teresa’s passing, Mother Teresa: No Greater Love premiered across the nation in October, setting records at the box office in its category. A DVD copy of the film is now available for purchase through Knights Gear and it is also available for digital viewing on Amazon Prime. K of C councils do not need special permission or licensing to show this film to their councils, parishes and local communities.
The Supreme Council has developed a Fact and Discussion Guide to encourage discussion after viewing the film. Download the Fact and Discussion Guide here.
Several other promotional resources are also available and can be found here
Program Survey
As we approach the end of this Christmas season, it is appropriate that our mini survey focuses on the Keep Christ in Christmas Program!
Data from these surveys will support decisions to retain, update, or remove certain programs. It is important to complete the survey even if your council does not participate in the program, since your reasons for not participating also provide valuable feedback.Please complete the Keep Christ in Christmas survey by clicking on the button below. This survey will take less than a minute.
Complete Survey
**In case you missed last month’s survey on the RSVP programyou still have an opportunity to complete it using the link here! **
District Deputy Corner
If you have not held your district midyear meeting, now is the time to gather your council leaders and share plans for the spring, using our recommended agenda and notes as a guide.Remind every council to submit the Annual Survey of Fraternal Activity (#1728) by January 31st regardless of the amount of dollars and hours donated. Share the short training video for best practices. Follow up to ensure timely submission.
Council Officer Corner
Grand KnightBuild a strong leadership bench by identifying future leaders of your council, empowering them to run initiatives, and mentoring them on fraternal operations.Complete and submit the Annual Survey of Fraternal Activity (#1728) by January 31st.
Financial SecretaryReview the Prospect Tab Walkthrough so you are familiar with the easy steps to process online members joining your council.
Family of the MonthSince the rollout of Family of the Month reporting to the online 10784 form, we have received numerous incomplete forms that disqualify families from being nominated for Family of the Month.Please click on the sample 10784 image to help guide you when filling out the report and to ensure all nominees have a chance to win Family of the Month/Year. The 10784 example form can be found by clicking here.For more information about the program, and on how to pick a Family of the Month, please visit www.kofc.org/familyofthemonth
It’s Hockey Season!Provide an athletic outlet for young people ages 10 to 17 through shooting accuracy on goal competition designed for players to demonstrate their skills. Start sponsoring a competition by ordering a Hockey Challenge Kit or volunteering to host and support the district, regional, and state/province championships. For more information, visit www.kofc.org/hockey. To order supplies for your next event, visit Supplies Online through Officers Online.
Employment Opportunities
With over 50 departments across three locations, the Knights of Columbus offers a diverse set of opportunities. Visit https://careers.kofc.org/ to find one that matches your skills and goals.
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