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Prayer for Tuesday, July 19, 2022.

 16th Week of Ordinary Time.

 My Lord and my God, at the beginning of this beautiful day I come before You to thank you for allowing me to see and enjoy another sunrise surrounded by your love, your kindness and your provision.

 Thank you Lord for all the wonderful things you do in my life, thank you for the home that protected my dream and the dream of my family, thank you for the bread on our table and thank you because we know that you are always by our side guiding us. along that beautiful path that you have prepared especially for us for a long time.

 Beloved God, this morning I want to give you my life, the lives of my loved ones and all our plans.  I beg you to keep us safe from the danger that lurks, from malicious people and from everything that intends to harm our well-being.

 Please give us the strength and wisdom to achieve each of the goals we have set for ourselves and give us the ability to fight and persevere in the face of trials, injustices and difficulties.

 Enlighten our hearts so that we are able to love and understand our fellow human beings, even those who have harmed us and allow us to be a humble instrument of your work, in order to make the best decisions for the benefit of all.

 Heavenly Father, You are my refuge, my consolation, my guide and my authentic strength, only in You do I find the peace that my soul needs and I know that under your protection, I will have nothing to fear.

 Beloved God, I praise and bless you on this new day that is just beginning, I thank you for each person with whom I am going to share and for everything that you have prepared especially for me.  Please give me your hand, help me to always go forward and in your company, to move towards destinations of well-being, joy, abundance and blessing, Amen.

 Loving God, this morning I thank you for your love and your infinite goodness.  I am going to live this new day with hope and joy, please always take care of me, my family and help us achieve our dreams and wishes, Amen.

 Make this beautiful prayer to ask God to continue taking care of you and your family on this new day, to always free them from all evil and to give them his beautiful blessing so that they can live a day in joy, conquests, provision and abundance.