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VOLUME 40 │ NUMBER 23 │ JUNE 6, 2022
Two significant military anniversaries occur today, June 6. On this day in 1918, U.S. Army and Marine regiments went on the offensive during the Battle of Belleau Wood in France — one of the bloodiest and most hard-fought battles of World War I. Last fall, French Knights made a pilgrimage there to honor the fallen. Twenty-six years after Belleau Wood, on June 6, 1944, Allied forces stormed Normandy beaches, beginning the drive to liberate France — a major turning point in defeating the Axis powers in Europe. Among the Knights participating in the D-Day invasion was Master Sgt. Louis Graziano. Today, at 99 years old, Graziano is also the last-known living witness to the German surrender during World War II.
French Knights Honor Fallen of Belleau WoodIn June 1918, the Imperial German Army was 35 miles outside Paris and advancing quickly with aims to capture the city and end the war. To stem the attack, U.S. regiments arrived at Belleau Wood to fight alongside the French. On Nov. 21, 2021, a group of Knights of Columbus in France traveled to Bois Belleau to pay their respects at a monument dedicated to those who made the ultimate sacrifice. WATCH VIDEO
‘To Bring About Peace’A Ukrainian delegation consisting of six active-duty military, four mothers of fallen soldiers, two military officials, two military chaplains and the bishop for the Ukrainian Military Ordinariate participated in the International Military Pilgrimage in Lourdes, France, May 13-15, thanks to K of C financial support.
A Witness to War and PeaceMaster Sgt. Louis Graziano survived the third assault wave at Omaha Beach during the D-Day invasion, June 6, 1944. Less than one year later, he personally witnessed the German surrender.
Membership Profile: Nicholas QuadriniNicholas Quadrini, a student at the University of Toronto, became grand knight of St. Mark Parish Council 10874 in Stouffville, Ontario, when he was 18. Reflecting on his experience as a Knights of Columbus leader, he said, “To be a Knight of Columbus is to be a man of service — and being able to offer men opportunities to serve their community has been the biggest blessing in my own spiritual life.” WATCH VIDEO | READ MORE
Supreme Chaplain’s Monthly ChallengeFor the month of June, Supreme Chaplain Archbishop William Lori challenges Knights to show their love for Christ by serving the poor and needy in a tangible way. He also challenges Knights to keep the commandment to love one another by participating in the Faith in Action Global Wheelchair Mission program, Habitat for Humanity program or Helping Hands program. For the full challenge, along with questions for reflection, click here.
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