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 Providing Support For The Church, Community, Family, Pro-life, And Youth. Worthy State Deputy, Supreme Director, State Officers, PSD’s, Major Directors, General Agents, Diocesan Deputies, Assistant Diocesan Deputies, District Deputies, and all Texas Knights,
Calling all Officers, Texas Knight Reporters, Diocesan Deputies, District Deputies, Grand Knights, Financial Secretaries and all Brother Knights. The deadline is for the final edition of the Texas Knight for the fraternal year is May 19th.
We had a wonderful Convention in Corpus Christi and I heard lots of stories about what the Knights in Texas are doing so now is the time to send those stories and photos and shine a light on all of your good deeds.
I am getting stories everyday about the courage, charity and fraternity of our councils and brother knights throughout Texas (and the United States). Please send me as many stories that you can that highlight your council activities. Be Not Afraid. I look forward to reading every one of them.
 Articles should be sent to: mjohnson@creatdev.com,
Please send photos as separate files and not embedded in a word document. I look forward to reading everyone’s articles. Let’s make this the very best edition. Thanks Mark Johnson Editor Texas Knight
Brothers we will also have all the photos on Flickr at bottom of the State Website. Vivat Jesus! David Zeigler Education, Training, & Communications Director “The ETC”zigsr@att.net903-926-0776
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