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News for Knights of Columbus
VOLUME 39 │ NUMBER 52 │DEC. 27, 2021
Strengthened by the intercession of Our Lady of Guadalupe, St. Joseph and Blessed Michael McGivney, Knights will continue to serve our parishes and communities with creative courage in the year ahead.
Year in ReviewThroughout 2021, Knights demonstrated that “where there’s a need, there’s a Knight.” Check out this end-of-the-year video to gain a glimpse of the Order’s accomplishments over the past year. WATCH HERE
KnightCast Returns Jan. 4In a new episode of KnightCast that will premiere Jan. 4, 2022, Supreme Knight Patrick Kelly reflects on his Oct. 25 audience with Pope Francis. Host Jonathan Reyes also interviews the Order’s vice president of public policy, Tim Saccoccia, about the U.S. Supreme Court case Dobbs v. Jackson and the impact it could have on the pro-life movement. LEARN MORE
Charity, Unity and FraternidadWhen Blessed Michael McGivney founded the Knights of Columbus in 1882, many of its first members were — like Father McGivney — the children of immigrants, or immigrants themselves. Today, even as Catholic men around the world join the Order, a growing group within the Church shares a close similarity with those very first Knights: Hispanic Catholics in the United States. READ MORE
Knights Take the Polar PlungeOn Sunday, Dec. 5, Knights participated in the annual Polar Plunge in Staten Island, N.Y., helping to raise funds for Special Olympics New York. WATCH HERE
Unsure where to direct your charitable giving this year? Nearly one-third of charitable gifts each year are made in December. If you’re thinking about making a charitable impact before the end of the year but haven’t decided which organizations to donate to, it might be easier to open a donor-advised fund with Knights of Columbus Charitable Fund. By doing so, you can make your charitable contribution, receive a potential tax deduction, and decide later where your grants should go. LEARN MORE
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