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VOLUME 39 │ NUMBER 45 │NOV. 10, 2021
During the Midyear Meeting of State Deputies, held Nov. 5-7 in Nashville, Tenn., Supreme Knight Patrick Kelly encouraged Knights of Columbus leaders gathered from nearly 70 jurisdictions to grow in faith and advance the mission established by Blessed Michael McGivney. Additionally, in anticipation of Veterans Day in the United States and Remembrance Day in Canada Nov. 11, Knights of the “Greatest Generation” shared with Columbia their stories of faith and courage as veterans of World War II.
Knights of Columbus Leaders Gather for Midyear MeetingIn addition to keynote addresses and special Masses, highlights of the meeting included the launch of the Order’s new St. Joseph pilgrim icon prayer program and the presentation of the St. Michael Award to four Knights for exemplary service to the Order. READ MORE
139th Supreme Convention HighlightsDuring the Midyear Meeting of State Deputies, a 26-minute video looking back at the proceedings of the Order’s 139th Supreme Convention premiered. To watch the video, click here.
Service and Sacrifice
 ‘In My Heart, I Forgave’
Paul Kerchum, a World War II veteran, is one of the last living survivors of the Bataan Death March. Now 101 years old, he recalls his experiences as a POW, his long military career, the healing influence of his wife and why he joined the Knights of Columbus.
 Behind Enemy Lines
When the United States entered World War II, Gaetano “Tom” Rossi joined the top-secret Italian Operational Group of the Office of Strategic Services (OSS). Similar to today’s Special Forces, Rossi and OSS operational groups supported resistance forces, disrupted communications and supply lines, and rescued Allied prisoners of war.
 Witness to Victory
Luciano “Louis” Charles Graziano witnessed the horrors of war, landing at Omaha Beach during the Allied invasion of Normandy and frigid winter conditions during the Battle of the Bulge. The following year, he was present in the room at Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower’s headquarters in Reims, France, when German Gen. Alfred Jodl signed the Instrument of Surrender on May 7, 1945.
Next Episode of KnightCast Premieres ThursdayKnightCast — a groundbreaking video series from the Knights of Columbus engaging today’s Catholic men in a compelling conversation about the Catholic faith while encouraging their own personal growth — returns Thursday, Nov. 11. Hosted by Jonathan Reyes, KnightCast covers topics ranging from marriage and family to faith and evangelization to sports.The next episode will explore:● What St. Joseph teaches husbands about marriage.● The wonders St. Joseph is known for, including his patronage of a happy death and his title “Terror of Demons.”● How prisoners at Dachau Concentration Camp turned to St. Joseph for his miraculous aid.Learn more at kofc.org/knightcast.
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