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Father Beto

Prayer for Friday, July 7, 2023.

First Friday of the month 13th Week of Ordinary Time.

Dear God, as usual, this morning I am before You to thank You for all the love You have for me and my family. Thank you for always guiding our steps along the best path, for being our generous provider and for giving us the strength we need for daily living.

Thank you Lord for the sun that illuminates the sky, for health, for our home, for the food that you bring to our table and because at every moment we can feel your powerful blessing on our path.

On this day I want to give you my life, my plans and also my fears and my worries. Please act on my heart, make me a brave, wise person, help me make good decisions and allow me to meet my obligations and commitments in the best possible way.

Heavenly Father, I want to live this day in your peace and your presence, giving my best and trying to build well-being and happiness for everyone. I want to be in solidarity with those who need what I have, but at the same time I ask you to help me achieve everything I need to share it with my brothers.

I ask that everything you do during this day be illuminated by your blessed light. Please take care of me and my family, protect us from the evil enemy, from the dangers of the street and from all evil.

Please multiply our strength, renew our hearts, open the doors of prosperity and allow us to live in hope, in order to achieve those goals for which we have worked so hard.

Dear God, thank you for listening to my sincere prayer and for the joy of allowing me to live a new day together with the people I love. To your loving hands I entrust my struggles, my joys and everything that I undertake today. I beg you to be You giving me your guide and your company to live in triumph, success and happiness, Amen.

Trust and live this day with faith, love and hope, because God always listens to your prayers and He knows how to respond to those who seek Him with a willing heart and soul.

Saying this prayer will allow you to approach God to thank Him for all the wonderful things He does every day in your life and to ask Him to give you the strength, wisdom, and company you need to achieve your purposes.

Father Beto.