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Father Beto

Prayer for Tuesday, February 7, 2023.

 5th.  Week Ordinary Time

 Dear God, yesterday many people went to sleep without realizing that they would never see another sunrise;  That is why today I thank you for your love, for all the wonderful things that you do for me, for my family, but above all I thank you for the sublime gift of life and for the joy of a new awakening.

 Thank you Lord for the home that sheltered my dream, for the food that is on my table, for the plans that are in my soul and thank you because I know that you are with me leading me through safe and good paths.

 My God, as I start this day I want to put my life and the lives of all my loved ones in your hands.  I beg you to grant us discernment to be able to make good decisions, wisdom to keep us from danger and a noble spirit to be able to act according to what your word dictates.

 Please surround us with your love, support us in carrying out our daily tasks, at home, at study and at work.  Help us achieve the goals we have set for ourselves and those great miracles for which our heart longs so much.

 I beg you to be the bright lighthouse that illuminates our path, separate us from everyone who tries to quench our faith and also from those people who through their actions or their thoughts want to see us badly.

 Lord, thank you because I know that You hear my prayer, thank you for opening my eyes to your beautiful creation and thank you that you always take me by the hand and guide my steps.

 I put this new Tuesday in your hands and I ask you to strengthen me and comfort my soul;  because if you are with me then nothing will be missing and my days will be of triumph, joy, gain, blessing and well-being, Amen.

 Trust, God hears your prayer and he always has something good for you.  It may be that today you have great battles, but your future will be calm, triumphs and abundance, Amen.

 Make this beautiful prayer to thank God for this Tuesday that is beginning and ask the Lord to be Him taking care of you, your beloved family and guiding his steps along good paths of peace, well-being, purpose, gain and blessing.

Father Beto.