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Father Beto
Prayer for Friday, August 12, 2022. Saint Jane Frances de Chantal.

  Beloved God, today I come before You to thank you for this new day.  Thank you Lord for taking care of me and for taking care of my family, thank you for all your blessings and for guiding us along paths of health, peace and prosperity.

  I also apologize if I have ever let you down;  please forgive my sins and disobedience.  Lord, I love You and I have decided that every day of my life I want to live it in a way that is pleasing to You;  please allow each of my actions to be for your honor and glory.

  Today I ask you to look at my life, my home and the lives of the people I love, please come closer to us, deliver us from all evil and allow us to move forward in your love and mercy.

  Father, join us and guide us in each of the activities that we do today, we beg you to allow us the joy of living a day in peace, harmony and always lead us along beautiful paths of well-being and blessing.

  And if at any time fear or despair takes over our lives, please whisper in our ears words of encouragement and renewal, remind us that You are always on our side and that if You are with us nothing and no one can bring us down, well You are our support and our safe haven.

  Beloved God, today you give me a new day to be better than I was yesterday, to grow, work with love and be able to achieve my goals and greatest desires.  I want to give the best of me at every moment and also be your instrument, so that all those who see and treat today can be infected with hope, enthusiasm and serenity.

  Lord, I ask that everything I do during this day be illuminated by your precious light, please take care of me, never leave my life and allow me to reach the end of the day with the satisfaction of having fulfilled my duty, Amen.

  Trust, remain in your faith and live this day with joy, because God loves you and He wants to give you the best for your life.

  Saying this prayer will allow you to approach God to thank him for the beautiful gift of life, ask him to guide your actions and thoughts on this new day and to guide you along paths of happiness, well-being and prosperity.

Father Beto!