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VOLUME 39 │ NUMBER 22 │ MAY 31, 2021

For nearly 140 years, Knights have been among those who have proudly served their country as members of the armed forces — many making the ultimate sacrifice. We honor those who died for their country, and salute all who serve.
Heroic Knights Recount Their Military Service

U.S. Army Sgt. Tom Rossi

During World War II, Rossi aided resistance groups in Italy, sabotaging Axis forces behind enemy lines. WATCH

Air Force Lt. Col. Will Villegas

This Bronze Star Medal recipient likens the military’s bonds of fraternity to those of the Knights of Columbus. WATCH

Armed with the Faith: The Knights of Columbus and Military

Since the Order’s founding, by men who included Civil War veterans, the Knights of Columbus has never wavered in its support for the armed forces. This legacy is explored in the 40-minute documentary, Armed with the Faith: The Knights of Columbus and the MilitaryWATCH

The Knights and the Vietnam War

During this war that divided the American public, the Order brought aid to troops, refugees, and the families of soldiers killed in action, while praying for peace. READ MORE

KnightCast Episode 4

Last Thursday’s episode of KnightCast featured a segment on Warrior to Lourdes, an annual pilgrimage sponsored by the Knights of Columbus and the Archdiocese for the Military Services, USA. This pilgrimage provides military personnel and wounded veterans the opportunity for prayer and healing. To watch the segment, click here.

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