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VOLUME 39 │ NUMBER 21 │ MAY 25, 2021
At the start of May, Pope Francis launched a rosary marathon, encouraging the faithful everywhere to pray it every day for an end to the pandemic. As Knights of Columbus, we turn always to the gentle and glorious Virgin Mary, our Queen and our Mother. Under the mantle of her protection, we take up her rosary.
Five Reasons You Should Pray the Rosary

Mary was present throughout Jesus’ life, even at his crucifixion. When we pray the rosary, we enter deeper into the mystery of faith, reflecting on Mary’s role in salvation history and increasing our understanding of Christ’s life and ministry. READ MORE

Guide to Praying the Rosary

This printable resource explains all you need to know to pray the rosary. ACCESS THE GUIDE

Blessed Michael McGivney Prayer Hour

The Blessed Michael McGivney Prayer Hour is a Faith in Action program option developed to encourage devotion to our founder among Knights, their families and other Catholics. The rosary-centered prayer service incorporates reflections based on the life of Father McGivney and the writings of recent popes. LEARN MORE

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The following topics will be discussed on this week’s episode of KnightCast:

• How to strengthen your marriage by embracing God’s plan for your life

• The history and contributions of Native American Catholics

• How a K of C pilgrimage is bringing hope and healing to military personnel

The episode premieres Thursday, May 27 at 8 p.m. EDT. If you’re not already signed up to access KnightCast, complete the one-time registration and you will receive each episode in your inbox as it airs. REGISTER NOW

Secure Your Ability to Earn

Because disability income insurance helps protect your most important financial asset — your paycheck — it should be an important part of your family’s financial planning.

For more details, click here to contact your local Knights of Columbus Agent.

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