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 Last Fraternal Benefit Night of the Year
The Knights of Columbus sponsoring Tom Hegna, presenting "Don't Worry, Retire Happy!"
This open to all Catholic families, members and non members and completely FREE. Thanks to our Texas General Agents and agencies for sponsoring this.
Tom Hegna is an economist, author, and retirement expert. He has been an incredibly popular industry speaker for many years and is considered by many to be THE Retirement Income Expert!.
As a former First Vice President at New York Life, retired Lieutenant Colonel, and economist, Tom has delivered over 5,000 seminars on his signature “Paychecks and Playchecks” retirement approach, helping Baby Boomers and seniors retire the “optimal” way.
Only share this link, do not share your personal link! Link is also on the www.TKofC.org website for future use too!
Below is items you can choose to do to earn your Founders Award by marketing and participating in this Fraternal Benefit Night. EVERY council should earn the Founders Award. Here is the link to the form CLICK HERE! If you market this FBN by doing at least 3 of these items below, we will have a great crowd in attendance. Make sure you incorporate your Field Agent in your marketing plans. Here is a link to all Star Council Requirements! This event counts for 2 credits, so whether you have 0, 1, or 2 at this point, I ask that every council to please promote this great event on retirement.
Here is a link to the Facebook event you can invite people to and share, https://fb.me/e/1bmqmU28D. Click the link and say going.
If you would like the flyer above to put in bulletins, place on bulletin boards, pass out after Mass, email Chris.Stark@Kofc.org and he will send you the flyer.
As far as email blast, forward this one. Don’t assume we have everyone’s emails. Share on any parish groups you may be on.
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