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VOLUME 39 │ NUMBER 19 │ MAY 12, 2021

The Church celebrates the Solemnity of the Ascension of the Lord on Thursday, May 13. In this issue of Knightline, learn more about this important feast day. (Editor’s note: The feast is transferred to Sunday, May 16, in many parts of the United States.) We also recall the assassination attempt on St. John Paul II, as May 13 also marks the 40th anniversary of that fateful day.
5 Takeaways from Christ’s ‘Taken Up’

The Ascension was more than Jesus’ return to heaven following his resurrection. Here are five things to know about this important event in the life of Christ and the Church. READ MORE

40th Anniversary of the Assassination Attempt on St. John Paul II

One of the most impactful pontificates in history, strongly supported by the Knights, was almost cut short less than two years after it began. READ MORE

Enduring Faith: The Story of Native American Catholicism

To begin to understand what it means to be a Catholic in North America, one needs an appreciation for the many Indigenous communities throughout the continent who were practicing their faith centuries before the founding of the United States.

The new K of C-produced documentary Enduring Faith: The Story of Native American Catholicism explores the rich contributions that Indigenous people have made to the Church across several centuries, while examining how Christ reveals himself through the uniqueness of every culture.

Beginning May 16, the film will air on ABC affiliated stations across the United States. To view the complete broadcast schedule, click here.


Men Share Their Stories of Becoming Knights

In these videos, Knights explain what attracted them to the world’s largest Catholic fraternal organization.

• In Jared Zimmerer’s adult years, he found that he lost the sense of brotherhood that he previously had with Catholic men. That’s when he realized the Knights of Columbus offered “a vast amount of opportunities not only for men but for their families to live and grow in the faith together.” WATCH

• When Jeremy Gay learned about the opportunity to join the Knights of Columbus at his parish, the call to be a man of action and to participate in his community was “a natural choice.” WATCH

Share these videos with a Catholic man you know, and let him know that through June 30 he can join the Order for free using promo code MCGIVNEY2020 at kofc.org/join.

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For more details, click here to contact your local Knights of Columbus Agent.

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