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Prayer for Wednesday, July 7, 2021.
 Dear God, how beautiful it is to be able to wake up and know that You are always with me, day and night, in joy and sadness, in calm and also in the storm.
 The first rays of the sun are approaching the earth to announce the arrival of a new dawn and I, full of hope and faith, ask you to please hug me tightly on this new journey.
 Eternal Father, I beg you that your hands never let go of me, that your grace never fail me, that your comfort fill me with courage in the midst of anguish and that your joy erase each one of my sorrows.
 Your presence gives meaning to my days, please never leave me.  I ask you to be my refuge and my haven of peace, guide me along paths of happiness and blessing and deliver me from all evil.  Dear God, heal me, rescue me, free me and support me, today and I always need you in my life.
 On this new Wednesday I will go out full of joy and optimism to fulfill each of my obligations, I ask You to be You, filling me with wisdom to make good decisions, with humility to live success and support everyone who needs me.
 Lord please bless my plans, my home, my family and the people I love.  Help us to overcome every difficulty that arises and give us the virtue to learn the lessons and grow through them, and if for some reason our will is broken, cover us with your mantle and give us the courage and courage to move forward.
 Dear God, thank you that every day you allow me to feel your work in my life;  I build my successes and triumphs in your name, because without your presence in my life nothing would be possible, Amen.
 Dear God, thank you for all the blessings received and for receiving.  Please take care of me, my family, protect us and make every decision we make enlightened by your love and wisdom, Amen.
 Praying this prayer with a heart full of hope and gratitude will allow you to approach God to thank Him for a new day and ask Him to direct your every step.
Father Beto