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Prayer for Friday, April 16, 2021.
 2nd Week of Easter.
 My Lord and my God, the first rays of dawn announce the arrival of a new day and this morning I approach You to thank You for allowing me to open my eyes and to continue enjoying the beautiful gift of life.
 Thank you Lord for all the wonderful things that You have done, for granting me a home, a family, for always giving us your immense and unconditional love and for taking care of us by giving us health, clothing, food and a dignified, happy and blessed life.
 Dear God, this morning I come to You to ask You to take my hand, cover me with your presence and prepare me to be able to make this new day a time of conquests, prosperity and well-being.
 Please look at my life, my family’s life, our purposes and plans.  Join us at work, study and in each of our activities and allow our actions to be productive and enjoyable for You.
 Please remove from us the evil enemy, the danger that lurks and all those who seek to distance us from You with bad advice and actions that go against your word.
 I also ask you for all the people who start this day with a need or problem, especially for my family and loved ones.  I beg you that an abundant shower of miracles and blessings fall on the world and that on this day everyone can live in peace and hope to be sons and daughters of God.
 Dear God, thank you for hearing my prayer.  On this day I just want to ask you to guide my steps and take care of all the people I love, allow your presence to be constant in our lives and that your hand continue to open paths and fill our path of success, peace, joy, blessings and well-being,  Amen.
 God is always with you.  Get up, fill your life with hope and move on because very soon you will see your prayers turned into beautiful blessings, Amen.
 Make this beautiful prayer to thank God for this day that begins and ask the Lord to continue protecting your life, the life of your family, guiding their steps and leading them along paths full of triumph, well-being, peace and abundance.
Father Beto