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Get ready with prayerful heart to take in this beautiful book on Pope Francis and prayer!

With a foreword by Cardinal Michael Czerny, a Jesuit like Pope Francis, and an introduction by Donna Orsuto, director of the Lay Centre at Foyer Unitas, this volume highlights Pope Francis as a pastor who stands with his people, who intercedes with them and for them, and who helps them to pray.

Begin with reflections on scriptural prayers and by learning about the pope’s own personal prayer devotions. Read further to explore how the pope stays connected to the Christian faithful through prayer and see his prayerful heart for “the deepest concerns of our world.” The various prayers of Pope Francis are placed in the context in which he offered the prayers—whether in an encyclical or apostolic exhortation, at the Colosseum in Rome, after a homily, or on travels abroad.

Use this book to pray with Pope Francis and to reflect on how you can “commune with God” in prayer, as Jesus did. Take in the pope’s reflections and meditations on Christ, his meditations on Mary, his prayers on special occasions, and his petitions to God for the needs of the world. This book can be used as a meditation on prayer and to guide one’s own prayer time.

Set aside some personal prayer and reflection time, and dig into this book! This prayer companion book will be a blessing for adults in faith formation, students, parents, teachers, as well as pastors, religious men and women, spouses, and all Catholics who want to grow in faith alongside Pope Francis.

Pick up this book today to grow in the gift of prayer with Pope Francis!