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Daily devotional from Fr Beto
Prayer for Tuesday, February 9, 2021.
 Beloved God of infinite goodness, today I woke up happy and grateful, because You have granted me the joy of opening my eyes to the sun of a new day, which will undoubtedly be full of joys, teachings, possibilities to achieve my dreams and opportunities to correct  my mistakes from the past and move on.
 You have given me health, You have given me hope, also a home and a family that I love.  There is food on my table, I have warm clothes and shoes on my feet.  You have been very generous to me and I thank you for everything.  I ask You Lord that you never leave my life, because every day that passes I need more of You.
 Lord, my dreams, my hopes, my greatest wishes and my purposes are in your hands, because I trust in you and in your promises.
 Please let your wonderful blessing descend on my life, the lives of the people I love and also on my home.  I ask you to cover us with your precious blood and remove all danger, threat or bad intention.  Walk with us, heavenly father and never leave our life.
 And when the night comes, we will put our being before your beautiful presence and in your great love we will rest.  Wrap our lives and the lives of the world in your arms.  Please take away any fear or worry that robs us of calm and prevents us from sleeping, and fill our minds with ideas of peace, love, abundance, calm and prosperity.
 Dear God, I do not know what awaits me in this new day, but my heart overflows with joy and my soul awaits full of hope, because I have already placed this day in your hands and I know that with your help it will be a day of great blessings and triumphs.  in my life, Amen.
 Live with enthusiasm and joy because with the guidance of God your wishes will be sweet reality and each new day will be better and more blessed than the previous one.
 Praying this prayer with a heart full of faith and hope will allow you to get closer to God in the morning, to put this day that is just beginning in his hands.  Trust, when you entrust your destiny to God, He leads you through paths of triumph and blessing.
Father Beto